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 Read befor posting

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PostSubject: Read befor posting   Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:52 pm

If you're interested in joing L2Evolution, start your own new topic in this section.
Answer few questions and wait for our response. Be patient.

Char name:
Char class / lvl:
Noblesse status (yes/no):
Your name:
What clan(s) have you been in, before posting this / why did u leave:
Equipment you have:
Why do you want to join our clan:
How much time can you play per day/week/month:
Your target on dex:
What can u offer to the clan:
How you ever been in a 9vs9 fight:
Do you have HB quest?:
Do u promise to obey clan rules:
Who can recommend you?:

And please do not create a forum account no one will activate it. You can post without having an account.
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Read befor posting
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